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Our office essentials

If you work in an office, sooner or later you realize that there are some things that are indispensable. Of course, these are often different, but there is some overlap here too.

The Telephones
Our constant companion is our telephone, without it we would be absolutely stuck! We need it almost every hour, be it to contact customers, call journalists ... the list is long. The telephones are our loyal companions and even if we let them burn for our customers, they never let us down.

Each one of us Griffels has a notebook, which is as much a faithful companion as the telephone. The notebook is used to take notes of conversations and to write to-do lists so that nothing is forgotten.

Nerve food
Especially when important presentations are due or creative texts have to be written, we all need them sooner or later - nerve food. That's why we always have cookies, children's chocolate and co. in our office. There's always fruit for the figure-conscious, too, simply to help the brain get going quickly or to drive away that little hunger.

The lunch break
Our lunch break is also one of our essentials. During this time we take our time to sit together at one table and eat and talk. That is a very nice balance from work. Sometimes we even cook together!

Coffee and tea
Especially in winter, almost everyone in the office has a cup of coffee or tea on the table, simply because it is nice and cozy. Doesn't everyone enjoy a nice cup of warming tea?