Putting on an event in two weeks? - No problem!

The Museum of Illusions opens its second location in Germany next week in Stuttgart, after making its Germany debut in our beloved Hamburg, The Go from our client came at short notice, the event planning had to go fast, it was over 30 degrees outside, but nothing could stop Griffel&Co.

The Museum of Illusions started as a novel project in Zagreb in 2015 and is now represented by 22 museums around the globe. In an interactive setting, visitors can expect a variety of installations that skillfully trick human perception. A press event before the official opening is not to be missed. The museums offer a perfect basis for extraordinary pictures and thus a paradise for snapshot-hunting editors. This is where we come in. We started by creating a suitable distribution list so that the invitations got to the right people and media. 

But that's not all: once sent, most editors need a little nudge by phone to confirm their acceptance. The coordination of the acceptances and arrangement into time slots was particularly important in this case, as Corona contact rules must be observed. However, nobody really objected to exclusive tours in small groups. In the next step (which is also only the next step mentally, since everything happens at the same time), transport and accommodation must be booked for our PR consultants, who will accompany the event in Stuttgart. 

In addition, we will prepare journalist sheets that will help the consultants and the tour guide on site to get a clear picture of the journalist and his or her medium. For the editors themselves, press kits will be prepared with information material and press releases that provide an initial basis for reporting. All these tasks are followed by the planning of innumerable details, which in the end give the event the right magic. From Instagram Story planning to catering, nothing is forgotten here!