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Starting your internship in home office

I started my internship here at Griffel & Co almost three weeks ago. Even if it has only been three weeks, time went by pretty fast. Every day there is something new to learn. So far I have neither experienced a real working day in the Griffel office nor have I met my colleagues in person. Extraordinary situations require extraordinary actions. And unfortunately the start of my internship is affected by the whole corona situation.

Day one then began in the home office. A chaotic start. For my colleagues it was their first day in the home office as well. Everybody had to get organized and adjust to the new daily routine. Over the phone, via video chat and with self-recorded videos they somehow tried to explain me how I had to do things. As you can probably imagine, I had 100 question marks on my face when I did my first task. What happens if I press the wrong button? What happens if the whole database gets then deleted? What if the website crashes? All these weird questions kept buzzing around in my head. There's no one there to make sure I do my tasks right. For such things I wish I was sitting in an office where you can just ask around and see if it's really the right button to press. 

Slowly the first panic has vanished. With the help of my colleagues, several phone calls and of course Google, I got through the first weeks. And slowly I'm getting used to my tasks and I'm getting more confident in what I'm doing. But right now I am just grateful that I could still start my internship despite those turbulent times. Thanks to today’s standard of technology, you can easily solve major difficulties from home. But I'm still looking forward to the time when my home office finally is coming to an end, when I can throw around very banal trainee questions and of course getting to know my colleagues properly.