The Christmas season is starting

Today is St Nicholas ‘Day and we hope that you all behaved during the year and that Santa filled your boots with goodies overnight. We are currently in a busy phase of packing presents for our customers, like little elves we do our best to get everything ready and sent our little signs of appreciation to everyone.

Good communication means to us that you value the other person. Nothing shows this more than a small present. So for our customers and partners this year we will be sending something interesting to read, good wine and tequile as well as chocolate. The ideal presents to make the holidays even more relaxing.

But to do that we currently have a big packaging session in our agency. Countless cardboard boxes need to be folded and everything needs to be packed in neat and tidy. Nothing should break, obviously. And the complete the surprise, everything gets wrapped in nice Christmas paper. A job for the whole team!

Privately, we are of course also already excited for the upcoming Christmas season. We are hoping for some much needed relaxation to counter the otherwise stressful PR work. And thanks to the training our neatly packed presents will be the envy of all our friends and family. 

We hope your Christmas season starts equally well. Don’t buy your presents too late and stay healthy!