Together Everyone Achieves More

Teambuilding is the be-all and end-all for a successful company. But why is teambuilding so important and how does teambuiliding actually look like at Griffel & Co?

The topic of teambuilding is becoming more and more important in the corporate world. Through a close and communicative team bond, the workplace should be made more beautiful and the motivation to work increased. Motivation on the part of the employees is considered to be an absolute success factor for an efficient and effective working method. Because only those who enjoy coming to work and love what they do can be successful in the long term. In addition a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in the office can only help.

But how does team building work for us?

Some time ago, our business owner Janine Griffel personally initiated the weekly team lunch. This means that everyone, from the shop owner to the trainees, meet at lunchtime and talk about their working week. Each member of the group has to take the cooking spoon and show what she can do. Of course, in a stressful week, the delivery service can also be used, the only important thing is that at the end of the week every hungry stomach has been satisfied. 

After that, a good feast is served and the narrative loop begins to make its rounds. Every member of the group has to share their update. Starting with the narrative, which topic is currently occupying the desk, to the current mood and the current prospects for results. In addition, the team lunch offers the perfect opportunity to get creative solutions or help of any kind. As specialists in communication, the lunchtime exchange is extremely lively and offers many new ideas. 

And, of course, the funny and everyday kitchen gossip should not be missing from the agenda at the end of the day, so that everyone can return to their workplace full of energy and motivated.