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Why we have enough of home office

The idea sounds dreamy at first: Sleeping in until just before work starts, not having to leave the house all day and working in sweatpants on your own sofa. But what sounds nice at first now shows its dark sides.

Due to the rapid spread of the corona virus, the entire Griffel team is currently working from home and giving the best for the clients from the living room at home. With unimagined motivation, everyone is trying to make the best out of the situation, and yet most of them miss the everyday office routine quite a bit.

It starts with a bad Wifi connection and ends with uncomfortable kitchen chairs. After only a few days we wish we could have the big iMacs back on our own desks where we sit with our perfectly adjusted office chair. 

But what we miss most is the personal exchange - private and professional. In the mornings we exchange ideas in the common video chat, but the pleasure of the home office everyday life becomes smaller from day to day. We all miss the lunch break, the shared laughter and mutual support with the small and big problems in the office. And even though the day's activities are limited to occasional rounds of walks and the way from the fridge to the workplace and back, it's pretty much the same for everyone: the day usually ends dead tired and completely exhausted.

Our conclusion: Home office in times of Corona? Definitely necessary! Home office forever? Absolutely not!