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10. May 2019

You need to know the Harbor Birthday ... but why we exactly celebrate it?

If you are in Hamburg around May, you should not miss the spectacle of the harbor birthday. Thousands of people cavort at the harbor, fireworks burst and ships trumpeting along the Elbe.

It's a nice spectacle to watch - however, many people do not know why exactly we are celebrating the harbor birthday: On May 7, 1189, the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa issued a license, which sealed the duty-free for ships on the Elbe from the city to the North Sea.

In its present form the harbor birthday will be celebrated in Hamburg only since 1977. Meanwhile, the largest harbor festival in the world.

Nowadays, it is most likely no longer the duty-free license for ships on the Elbe which people are celebraiting. But the on-site meal, the fireworks in the night sky or the delicious fish sandwich for lunch are one of many highlights. All in all, the harbor birthday is something that you have to have seen anyway. Whether you live in Hamburg or come from outside - you should definitely not miss this chance once a year!

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