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01. May 2019

Save the world with admin

In the shopping market, at the gas station or in the restaurant ? everywhere we are being asked, "Do you need the receipt?". Whether we accept the receipt or not, rarely do we know about the consequences of this little piece of paper.

Receipts are a reason for the waste of resources

According to WWF, Germany is the country with the highest paper consumption in the world. Countless receipts waste tons of paper and pollute our entire ecosystem: more and more animals and plant species are threatened with extinction due to deforestation. Climate change is also being accelerated by paper production, which requires tons of wood and water and costs as much energy as the production of steel.

Receipts endanger our environment

Not only deforestation endangers our environment: Most receipts are printed on harmful thermal paper containing the toxic substances bisphenol A or bisphenol S. The bons are often wrongly disposed of in waste paper rather than in the residual waste. As a consequence, pollutants get into nature and damage our environment.

Tickets can be harmful

Bisphenols do not only harm environment, but also human health. Bisphenols are thought to be a contributor to cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, immune deficiencies and food allergies. According to research by BUND, 14 of 19 receipts contain the harmful bisphenols.

admin as a savior in distress

You can put an end to all this evil. Our customer A&G has set itself the task and developed the app "admin". With the help of digital receipts not only exchanges and returns can be facilitated, but above all the environment and our health are protected.

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