Aurimentum- our expert for asset protection

Gold is probably one of the oldest preserves of value there is. Not only today, but already in ancient Egypt gold was a safe investment. Especially now in times of the corona crisis the topic of asset protection through gold is coming up again. Gold protects assets from crises and inflation.

As chance would have it, our customer Aurimentum offers asset protection through gold. In 2014 the brand from Kulmbach was founded under the R&R Consulting GmbH by the merchants and sales experts Reinhard Fuchs and Reinhard Scherm. If you are thinking about investing your money safely in times of Coronavirus, you can choose between two investment forms at Aurimentum. For example, there is an individual gold savings plan for adults and children or a gold purchase with an eight percent loyalty bonus, of course in the form of gold. The special thing about the Aurimentum Gold Savings Plan is that as soon as you have saved ten grams of gold, the gold is delivered directly to your home.