carTRUST revolutionizes car registration

Especially now, when sales figures in the car trade are once again rising after the economic stimulus package, this ingenious innovation from our customer carTRUST comes in handy. The mountains of paper that accumulate when you put a car on your back. Everyone knows it. But now we can leave all that behind us!

carTRUST now enables completely digital vehicle registration. From the comfort of your own home and without any analogue documents. Ownership and rights to the car can be easily verified digitally. To do this, carTRUST relies on the so-called block chain technology. In principle, it is a continuously expandable list of data records ("blocks"), which are then in turn linked together. In fact, the larger the block chains, the more secure the data is from hackers. 

If you are in the process of getting a car, you should definitely take the chance and test the online registration.