Cirplus declares war on plastic waste

Our customer, the Hamburg start-up cirplus, founded in 2018, has set itself the goal of reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the environment to zero. A project that will gain even more importance due to the EU plastics tax, which will take effect on January 1, 2021.

The plastic tax stipulates that from the first day of the new year, in all EU countries, a ton of unrecycled packaging waste will be taxed at 800 euros. For many companies, the question now arises of how such high costs can be avoided or at least reduced as efficiently as possible. 

cirplus recognized the growing plastics problem some time ago and developed a digital marketplace that brings together plastics processors and suppliers from the recycling and waste disposal industry worldwide. A real revolution in the previously opaque and inefficient recycling market. 

The idea of the founders Christian Schiller and Volkan Bilici has been met with great approval from the companies: since the platform went live in March this year, the trading volume has already grown to 500,000 tons. The tax will probably accelerate this growth even more. 

And what exactly is Griffel&Co doing? We are involved from front to back! Starting with basics, like writing press releases. With a topic as complex as the use of recycled materials, it is important to distinguish between specialised and consumer media. The medium and above all its readership influence the choice of words, possible supplementary explanations and also how deeply the topic is dealt with. 

With a successful start-up like cirplus, television is never far away either. Terim co-ordination, preparation of location and contents, as well as support on site also falls into the area of responsibility of a PR agency. Even in case of a team building weekend we aren’t far. Most likely not all the time, however it is an advantage for marketing to better understand the internal corporate identity. 

True to the motto: Creating a plastic-free future together! (Or at least one in which plastic is efficiently used and reused).