Communicating tomorrow's products today: PR for technology companies

Technical topics are often complex: companies frequently operate in a very specialized market that is characterized by technical terms and special rules. So if you're serving clients in the technology sector, you need bright minds not only to understand the company's products and services, but also to address trade media competently. To this end, start-ups in particular can quickly gain media coverage because new ideas always generate interest.

Technology companies are looking for new ways every day. Revolutions in technology products and services are almost so regular that they can be calculated. Computers are getting faster, machines more connected and artificial intelligence more reliable. Any company operating in a specific technology market segment therefore knows that it must regularly reinvent itself and its products in order to remain relevant.

For years, we have been discussing such a change in the automotive industry, for example. Here, several trends are coming together that are presenting traditional companies with major upheavals: On the one hand, cars are becoming more connected, accumulating massive amounts of data and thus attempting to be not only a vehicle, but also a service at the same time. Voice assistants and built-in navigation systems were uncharted territory until a few years ago, but today they are standard equipment.

In electromobility, things are moving even faster. Our customer NWG Power, for example, offers its customers a comprehensive service in infrastructure development for e-mobility. Property managers and owners, as well as apartment owners, can contact NWG Power if they want to charge their e-car at home via wallbox. Installation, operation and maintenance are conveniently handled by NWG Power. In addition, there are smart management systems for landlords so that consumption can be precisely allocated to the respective tenants.

At NWG Power, therefore, several important and equally complex areas come together. On the one hand, the company is part of the larger e-mobility movement, but at the same time it also targets real estate service providers and private customers. All come with different levels of knowledge and desires. That's why good PR for such interesting, but also specific, customers needs special attention. 

After all, complex processes have to be broken down so that everyone understands them directly. At the same time, the relevant trade press has already been on the subject for years, throwing around terminology that needs to be understood and applied. And real estate companies, in turn, have built their own world of terms and logic, which also have to be used in a targeted manner in order to get the maximum out of them for a customer.

Different levels of knowledge make PR work more complex, but also more exciting. Customers who operate in many areas at the same time require more attention, but also provide variety and many new contacts that were previously closed to one.