Creation of an action plan using the example of the client Wunschfutter

At the beginning of each year, PR agencies draft action plans for their clients. It is a kind of detailed to-do list of future projects for the next months. It specifies which measures will lead to the goal, how to implement them, by when the project must be completed and who is responsible for it. If the plan is adhered to, mistakes and misunderstandings can be avoided.

Classic action plans make the next tasks clear for each customer. For example, we just set one up for Wunschfutter, one of the leading suppliers of individually produced dog food in Europe. Customers select the individual dry food online and thus ensure an all-round balanced diet for their dog - even in the case of food intolerances.

With a plan for better communication

The first step is to assign the individual measures and projects to the months. Creativity and a sense of reality are required here. The measures are described in detail and updated regularly. For Wunschfutter, the topics of the individual press releases were first chosen and formulated in a way that everyone could understand. The title could be, for example, "What is good dental care for dogs?"

In a second step, the procedure is discussed and written down in detail. Here it is important to also list small tasks and form milestones. For example, in our example, research has to be done on what dental care for a dog should look like and how dental problems can be prevented. The press release is then written, sent out, and followed up with the targeted media.

One of the most important planning steps are deadlines. Once the topics and procedures are in place, a time is set for when the task must be completed. This date can be delayed, of course, but an exact date should be given.

Press releases should be sent out at the beginning of the month if possible. This gives the editors enough time to read the releases and coordinate them with their colleagues. That means, the press release about a dog's dental care should be sent out at the end of the first week of the month (Friday morning).

The own team must also be organized

In the following the responsibility for the individual tasks is discussed. It is determined who is responsible for which measure. As a tip: Discuss the action plan and, above all, the responsibilities in a small group, as the individual persons then take on tasks more voluntarily. For larger projects, of course, several people can be responsible, but one person should still lead the measures. It is crucial to update the action plan regularly and to discuss it with the customer. In addition, the individual measures should be checked off or color-coded as soon as they are completely finished. In this way, public relations work follows a clear plan and guarantees success.