Fight the empty truck? Carrypicker on NDR

Our customer Carrypicker is on TV! Thanks to an article in the Hamburg Journal, viewers were able to take a look behind the scenes of this revolutionary in the logistics industry and get to know Carrypicker better.

For the current episode Hamburg morgen, NDR was a guest in the former bread factory where Carrypicker is based. The article explains the company's idea in more detail: Through more intelligent planning, fewer trucks are on the roads. Find out more in three minutes about how Carrypicker is changing the logistics industry:,hamj88982.html

But the NDR did not only shoot at Carrypicker, but also at Behrens AG. Behrens AG sends whole pallets of their products with Carrypicker, because their freight volume is not always sufficient to fill the entire loading area of a truck. The artificial intelligence of Carrypicker is trained to combine several partial loads into complete loads in such a way that the trucks are used to capacity.