Full speed ahead for the mobility industry!

No other industry stands for Germany more than the automotive sector. But even this tradition is in full swing, in which "everything moves" and automotive groups are becoming mobility companies. Because revolutionary business models based on modern technologies do not stop at the mobility industry and demand changes and transport alternatives!

Trends such as new mobility services, autonomous driving, digitalization and electrification are having a massive impact on the understanding of mobility and are therefore creating new challenges and opportunities. The mindset of the Y- and Z-generation, which changes in a strikingly innovative way, also influences the demands on modern mobility. 

The focus here is on comfortable, efficient and customer-centered use. Because no matter whether via comparison portals or sharing concepts, the tech-natives love innovative concepts and the use of modern technologies. 

The industry must therefore always remain mobile, recognize trends early and act accordingly. This also creates new challenges for PR and communication work within the mobility. Creative, intelligent and stringent ideas not only create further movements of the target groups, but can also be the business booster within the whole industry.

We from Griffel & Co. Kommunikation also have a lot of power under the hood and, with our unusual expertise, we put all our mobility customers on the fast track with agile, elegant and dynamic concepts. 

This also applies to our customer carwow. The new car comparison portal offers an innovative solution for obtaining new cars without any stress or negotiations. Already more than 4,000 vehicles are ordered monthly by various customers. They save more than 4.600€ compared to the list price.

carwow finally brings dealers and buyers together and is an attractive solution to make car dreams come true!