Hello favorite piece!

Do you already know the latest news from the wood furniture industry? Probably not yet, but we will tell you of course.

You haven't read anything about our customer Pickawood for a long time, so Wednesday evening was quite busy for us! We were even allowed to participate behind the scenes of a Pickawood shooting. 

The reason for the shooting was an individually designed sideboard, which not only revived an old vinyl turntable, but also put it in the limelight. A real unique piece for an extraordinary music lover!

The sideboard is something very special! In its unique design, it shines in a pleasant yellow hue from the body and harmonizes with the warm wood tone of the teak veneer. The black metal underframe rounds off the furniture additionally. Matching the record player, the sideboard shines in a cool 70s style. Just a real eye-catcher, which could be adapted to every individual wish. Hopefully you can read all this soon in some furniture and lifestyle magazines.

Pickawood makes it possible! The online carpenter has taken up the challenge of making furniture to measure. No matter if you want sloping roofs, dining tables or even sideboards - Pickawood can do everything around the topic of wood design! With a team of 40 employees and the cooperation of 15 carpenter and joiner companies, the processing of individual favorite pieces is in full swing. 

There are no limits to creativity and if you should come to a point of helplessness, our experts and interior designers are always happy to help you. So let's start planning, finished and say hello to your new favorite piece!