Ice cream recipes for four-legged creatures- That’s a thing?

Finally June! Let summer begin. We already had a few warm days. And as you know, human’s favorite summer activity is going out for ice cream. And what does the dog do while his master and mistress sit in the sun and eat their ice cream? Of course also eat an ice cream!

Also our beloved four-legged friends love a refreshment during the warm season. It goes without saying that they cannot of course eat the same ice cream as we do, so our customer Wunschfutter has come up with two ice cream recipes for dogs. As a basis lactose-free natural yoghurt, quark or cottage cheese can be used. The whole thing can then be refined with liverwurst or your dog's favourite treat. But a little oil, honey and fruit can also be used. However, you should be careful not to add too much sugar, as it is otherwise harmful to your dog.

If our dog is fussy, you can also prepare a water ice cream instead of milk ice cream. Only two ingredients are needed: wet food and of course water- and then put it in the fridge. As wet food you can well use the desired food "Rabbit Menu". As refreshing as dog ice cream is, it should only be prepared in small portions, as a large amount of it can cause inflammation. 

Master, mistress and also the quadrupeds are now well prepared for the summer!