Interview accompaniment at SUND

At the beginning of this week our customer SUND Holding GmbH + Co KG got one of the highly popular spotlights of the press. The SUND Group consists of the companies EMIL DEISS KG, FIPP Handelsmarken GmbH + Co KG, and BINGOLD GmbH + Co KG and thus combines expertise in various industries and product categories.

The interview focused on DEISS, market leader in the production and the associated business-to-business distribution of bin liners and refuse sacks. 

For us as a PR agency such an interview is just as important. We start contacting the newspaper and organizing the appointment weeks in advance. This is followed by tasks such as coordinating the catering or visiting possible locations on site. In most cases a briefing with the client before the interview is conducted, about the do's and don'ts of giving an interview. It is discussed what information can be presented and in what way, who should be present on the big day and also which clothes work best in front of the camera. During the interview and the photo session we support our client as well. Be it with tips on posing in front of the lens, or with professional advice on a difficult interview question. 

All these steps ultimately lead to the desired image in the public space. That’s why it is called public relations. The extent of the briefing and support depends on the client’s skill and experience in dealing with the media. In the following days after the interview, we are on the lookout for the final publication. In the case of SUND, we were very pleased to receive a large article in the “Hamburger Abendblatt”.