ManoMano: That is what the Germans are doing at home

Our client, the online marketplace ManoMano for products from the DIY, garden and interior design sector, has started a survey on what Germans are doing at home in times of Coronavirus. It is quite astonishing how creative people have become now.

Since the contact prohibition on 22nd March, DIY in particular has been a big trend among Germans. Currently, only 24 percent of the approximately 1000 participants would hire a craftsman. 44 percent prefer to do the work themselves, both men and women. Despite the restrictions most of them have started gardening in order to get some fresh air. However, damage to the house can still happen, which perhaps only an experienced craftsman can repair. 37 percent are afraid of a burst water pipe. Closely followed is the fear of a defective toilet. Then the hard-gathered toilet paper would be bought for nothing. Surprisingly many participants are not worried at all about repairs. 20 percent of the men would do it them themselves, but especially the women with a proud 22 percent!

A large proportion also takes a lot of time at the moment to do handicrafts with their children or to prepare the balcony or terrace for the summer. But 41 percent of those surveyed without children are not lazy as well. They research the Internet for creative ideas that they can do by themselves, for example on the ManoMano blog 

( ). There you can find enough inspiration around the topic DIY.

At the moment 31 percent of the German population work in their home office and enjoy it, because most of them see their workplace as in need of improvement. The advantages of the home office are, of course, that you can take care of your own wellbeing, with 30 percent of them happy to shop for a new interior design or 24 percent prefer new decorations. Not to forget, at home you can also quickly take your laptop out into the garden or onto the balcony to lift your spirits during work.