ONLOGIST and Vergölst- digital into the future

Companies with a larger vehicle fleet often want flexible and intelligent solutions to simplify and secure their own vehicle logistics.

They often lack the capacity and time to drive the company cars to the garage in the morning, take them back in the evening and at the same time organise a replacement vehicle. Previously all these organisational tasks had to be taken over by fleet employees. But this is now over: Vergölst and ONLOGIST have joined forces to solve exactly this problem. 

Vergölst, the retail chain for tyre and car services, has been making a name for itself on the German market for more than 90 years. Customers know that here they can rely on reliable expertise, good performance and the highest quality standards. 

ONLOGIST has also been able to establish itself as Europe's largest marketplace for vehicle transfers in the recent years. With over 9,000 registered service providers ONLOGIST arranges more than 400,000 transport orders per year via an app for iOS and Android. A cooperation with Vergölst will certainly increase this number. Through the cooperation, Vergölst can expand its customer service, because ONLOGIST can now take over shuttle services for the vehicle fleets of the companies. The test phase of the cooperation so far has been very positive. A win-win-win situation for both of the companies and us!