PR for Logistics Companies – The Art of Communicating Change

Very few industries are changing as much as Logistics. Digitalization, Big Data and a developing conscience for environmental protection require new measures and solutions from the individual companies.

Pressure from politicians who see the mobility sector as one of the main contributors to climate change also add to the drive for change. At the same time, Logistics is a playing field for innovative mobility concepts, from drones to self-driving cars. A complex topic that needs a lot of care from a perspective of communication.

Everything moves in the Logistics sector – not just on roads, but also on a higher macro level for the whole industry. Especially if companies try to establish a whole new market that only exists because of technological change, they need good communication to compete with old solutions and concepts. This requires a lot of planning and time, since the target groups might not be well defined and even the trade press might not be educated enough to handle these new topics with care.

Start-ups for example can have a hard time, even if their idea looks promising. Uncertain funding and an unknown standing in the industry are not making the communication work easier, but even more important. But a lot of media contacts are skittish, because more often than not the vision of the start-up is something that you can’t report on objectively. This is the reason why Logistics and Mobility companies should think about going their own way, for example with company blogs or expert opinions. Alternatively they can trust in a strong PR agency that is capable of placing difficult topics in news outlets.

Our customer Onlogist for example offers a plattform to transfer vehicles. Companies and private citizens can offer contracts to independent drivers who then drive the vehicles from point A to point B. It is a mixture of specialized Logistics and New Work. This interesting form of B2B Logistics we talked to well-known economy media outlets and presented case studies from recognizable customers like Vergölst. This way Onlogist could be presented to a wide audience who got a look behind the scenes.

The point of this PR measure was to showcase a specialized company with hands-on solutions. This obviously needed the support of an experienced PR agency that has reliable contacts to journalists and takes the time to communicate complex topics well.