SUND Holding

Just like our PR agency, the family business SUND Holding GmbH + Co KG also comes from the most beautiful city in the world: Hamburg! SUND combines the subsidiaries DEISS, BINGOLD and FIPP. Each company is specialised in a different segment.

DEISS is the market leader in the refuse sack and bin liner sector. With over 5,000 articles in their range, they cover everything from normal bin liners to special refuse sacks. They have recently launched the first Corona bin liner on the German market. 

FIPP is the leading private label supplier for household aids. They offer refuse sacks, bin liners, neck holders and helpers, disposable gloves, household gloves, vacuum cleaner bags and much more for every aspect of the household. The products are available in food retail, drugstores and discounters.

With disposable and reusable gloves, BINGOLD covers the areas of medicine, care, industry, trade, cosmetics, hospitals, building cleaning and retail. The gloves are made of different materials such as vinyl, latex, nitrile, polyester and nylon. Depending on the requirements.

The companies are in a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience. With the bundled know-how, further product innovations can be developed for customers. SUND also focuses on sustainability and recycling in its production processes. Thus, innovative raw materials and recyclable input materials are used.