SUND Holding shines in new design

Today you can take a look behind the scenes of our customer SUND Holding - yesterday there was a lot going on at their premises and we were able to be there live.

Yesterday, the new logo of the SUND Group was exclusively presented. The SUND Group unites four companies under one roof and includes the following companies under one seal: SUND, DEISS, bingold and FIPP. A fitting celebration had to take place and who better to celebrate this than the companies themselves? For this reason the internal unveiling took place yesterday among all employees of the SUND Group and was celebrated, accompanied by the most beautiful sunshine. 

One of the managing directors, Martin Klostermann, gave a speech about the past year and its successes as well as difficulties. Finally, the summarized increase in the company's success is to continue to look positively into the future with a new logo. The accompaniment of the event with fresh coffee from the hip Coff├ębikes, the versatile juices and food offerings, led to an even more beautiful overall experience of the complete company. 

The presented logo stands for a deep cohesion and symbolizes with its dewy "S" the strength and solidarity of the Hamburg companies and their mutual community. In this way, they want to be true to their values together and pursue their common goal of providing solutions for everyday life through professional garbage bags, household aids and disposable and reusable gloves. With the closing "hoisting of the new business flags", nowhere else than on the company floor itself, the unveiling found a fitting conclusion. 

Now we can celebrate properly and congratulate our customer once again from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you for letting us be a part of this event.