You cannot believe your own eyes? Welcome to the Museum of Illusions!

As you have already noticed, a new cooperation between Griffel & Co and the Museum of Illusions took place. But this time not in Hamburg, but in Stuttgart.

Here the second German location of the museum series was officially opened on August 21, 2020. As the leading PR agency, we were allowed to visit the museum beforehand and to conduct exclusive guided tours with various media and the museum director Adrijana Corluka. 

The fascinating world of optical and haptic illusions amazes the heart of the Swabian region and creates amusing and amazing wow-effects. Because the internationally already well-known museum turns your own sensory impressions completely upside down and reminds us that our eyes sometimes see things that our brain in return does not understand.

The interactive backdrops skilfully challenge human perception through a variety of installations and offer Stuttgart visitors the opportunity to discover the impossible! And not only visually - no! Together with friends or family, the museum invites visitors to actively participate in the museum visit. In other words, touching and participating is not only allowed, but explicitly desired. 

The innovative concept idea proves its success and has already been distributed 22 times around the globe. This includes cities from New York, Dubai, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Vienna, Shanghai, to Athens, Dallas or Seville. And now a second one in Germany! 

The Museum of Illusions makes it very clear to visitors: Not everything is always as it seems! 

This special museum is, in our opinion, worth a trip to Stuttgart! So get going, grab your cell phones, take breathtaking pictures and, above all, let yourself be enchanted!