Writing press releases like a pro!

Press releases are an important point in PR. You should not rely on the journalist simply copying your text, once the press release has been sent out. On the contrary, the purpose of a press release is only to provide information to the journalists and to provide them with suggestions for possible topics.

It is only basic information and it is up to the journalist to decide which information to use from it. Also, the editor often does not bother to read all the daily incoming messages. Therefore, you should pay attention to report on unusual and exciting topics or introduce new products and services. 

In order for your press releases to stand out from the pile of e-mails that an editor receives daily, there are a few things you should bear in mind. The subject often determines whether the mail is read or not, so think up a fitting but short headline. The first paragraph of the message should already clarify the most important questions: Who? What? How? When? Where? When? Where? Why? The best is to avoid "beating around the bush" and get straight in to it. In the main part everything can be further substantiated with facts, numbers, background information and also quotations. Finally, the press contact and information about the company, e.g. year of foundation, industry, managing director and customers may not be missing.