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One of the most popular multiplayer games is "League of Legends". There are over 250 million players worldwide. Of this enormous number of eSports players, only the 1,000 best players can participate in organized competitions.

"Imagine you want to participate in a football tournament - but the only professionally organised competition is the European Championship"
The 22-year-old Sebastian Kuch offers the solution: He and his team organize the City Masters, which offer every gamer the opportunity to participate in a professionally organized eSports competition. One of the main goals of the start-up is to establish eSports clubs in German cities and to organize City Masters, where amateur and professional players can compete against each other, thus giving eSports the regional reference that is currently missing.
With our help, MateCrate will expand and significantly stir up the gaming market! Every player should think of MateCrate when he or she has eSports in mind.